Music In All It’s Wondrous Glory

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Music is everywhere and all around us; used as background noise, a stress reliever and many more things. There are many different attachments to music for many people. As well as it having a role in most of your big life events, ie: weddings, prom, etc. 

But how can music actually help you? Sure it makes things fun, less awkward and a really cool thing to be interested in, but why? Why be interested in it and how can it directly affect you?

Music Has Many Talents

As I am sure you know there are oodles of types of music. No matter the type of music, it is a fantastic tool to help you in tough times or your day to day life.

Stress/Anxiety Reliever

Numerous people use music as a form of stress reliever. Something that helps them slow down and feel better. It gives you something to focus on instead of the things around you. This then causes you to only focus on it and therefore causes you and your brain to slow down, allowing you to rationalize better. 


A music clear cassette tape unravelling a bit laid on a red backdrop.

In addition to helping with stress and anxiety, music can take it one step further and become therapy for you. It is something that is there for you and, like mentioned above, helps calm you down. 

In summary, this works pretty much the same way as a stress reliever, but just digs a little bit deeper. It is clinically proven that it can help lower stress, improve your mood and decrease chances of depression. Check out this article for more details on that!

Physical Health

Crazy enough, music can actually help your overall health status. It does this by reducing your blood pressure, and some pain you may be feeling. As well as, improving your sleep quality, memory and mental alertness. 

Mood Lifter

Adding on to the above, music is great for increasing your mood. Music is a way of expressing yourself (your true self) allowing you to be completely you. This will always help your mood because you are comfortable.

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It is also a mood lifter due to music making you want to dance. Dancing releases chemicals that help increase your mood. Plus it feels good to just blare your favourite song and dance around the house, and while you do that your mood will change for the better. 


Lastly, music is a great focus tool. It is something that you can’t watch, making it easier to perform tasks while it is playing. As well as, for many, it is a thing that helps people focus solely on what they are doing. With doing this it helps you get things done, and done well. 

Additionally, it does this by eliminating distractions. For example, many people listen to music while they study because instead of listening to things going on around you, you can only hear the music. A tip is to use headphones, especially the noise canceling ones because they really tune out everything else.

For myself, I always have music playing to help me focus because I struggle to do things when it’s quiet. I play it while I work on the blog, at my full time job, while I workout or read even.

Something for Everyone

A close up of piano keys with a yellowing sheet of music notes sitting on top of them.

One of the beautiful things about music is how versatile it is and how many options there are. There is literally something for everybody in music, no matter what your taste is.

Coupled with above, it is actually quite important to find the perfect music and/or tunes for you. Otherwise you won’t enjoy it as much, leading you to not getting the full extent of the benefits. 

It is the best feeling when a song comes on and you can just feel the comfort and content in your chest. You can feel it literally in your soul and it just feeds your soul. I promise I’m not crazy! Many get this feeling when that one perfect song comes on.

Not to mention, you won’t get that feeling if you don’t find the songs you like. Also, that list is a never ending list, as is music itself.

The Ever-changing

Furthermore, music is something that is constantly changing and growing. So that list I mentioned above, will most likely continue to grow as new music comes out, or you discover some new old music that you love.

Not only does your playlist keep growing, but also there is always something new to try out and see if you like. Whether that be something released 5 days ago or 15 years ago. 

Life Would Be Boring

A macbook open playing music with a few records, a couple speakers and a turntable with headphones attached sitting beside it on a grey desk.

Music is something that is fun, and helps make things fun. It is a way for a person to express themselves and gives them something to do. 

Just listening to music is an extremely popular pastime and tons of people consider it a hobby, which it is. You are spending your free time with music, finding things you do and don’t like, singing and dancing along, etc. 

As stated above, music is an element in our lives, especially the big events such as birthdays, weddings, etc. Without music, all those big events would be kind of quiet and dull. Having music be an essential piece of these big events, it can then be used to remember the good times. 

For example, when a song comes on the radio that you haven’t heard in ages, but as it starts playing you realize it was the song that was played during your first kiss at prom, then all the memories come flooding back. 

It helps make life interesting and aids us in having fun, making and remembering memories and so much more!

Different Genres

Like I said, there are tons of different options for tunes in music. There is quite literally something for everyone, every event, mood or day you just have to find it!

Speaking of, some tips for finding music:

  • Youtube – always has suggestions for you based on your history
  • Spotify – kind of like YouTube, it will make playlists out songs you like and ones it thinks you might like based on your history (I love this feature)
  • Google – simply google ‘Songs like this song’ and you’ll get many suggestions for songs like the one you like.

But, here are just a few examples of genres in music today:

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Metal
  • Gospel
  • Classical
  • And sooooo much more!

This is just a small list of some of the more popular genres of music out there right now. So if none of these examples peak your interests just keep looking, maybe try some of the tips above.

A small glass terrarium sitting a counter with big black over the ear music headphones sitting on the glass representing happiness and peace.

As well as those types, there are types within those types to help further narrow down the search and to have not as broad of categories.

Some examples of more specific genres:

  • Hard Rock
  • Pop Rock
  • Christian
  • Hard Metal
  • Classic Country
  • Pop Country
  • Bollywood
  • Canadian
  • Etc.

Songs I’m Into Right Now

Here are some of the songs that I am loving right now.

Take my go to songs right now as an example of it being okay to have a variety in your library, and how it doesn’t have to strictly be new songs. It can be anything you want it to be. 

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Something For You

The biggest take away you should take from this post is that music is a tool for you. It’s your taste, likes, and interests. It doesn’t matter what’s popular or what you think you should like. It matters what makes you feel good.

I was always the weird one in high school because my classmates would be listening to the new pop songs. And here I am listening to hard rock like Shinedown or Nickelback and old classics like Queen. I’m still like that to this day, but it’s what makes me happy and what helps me.

You be you! What do you like to listen to?

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