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A Fascinating Way of Life: Minimalism

A growing concept in this day and age is minimalism. I’m sure you’ve heard at least something about it. It is something that has been on the rise for many years and is in many forms. But, why? Why practice minimalism? What is it even? How can it help you?

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Do You Want To Start A Hobby At Home?

Having hobby that you can start and do at home is great for you in many ways. So my question to you is do you want to start a hobby? Read more.

How To Properly Use Self Care For Yourself

Self care is on the rise for many out there. But what is it? Why is it important though and how can you incorporate into your life? Read more.

How Hygge Can Dominate Your Life

Hygge is becoming a very popular trend for a person’s lifestyle. See what it’s all about and even more types right here… Read more.

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Hi! I’m Melissa. The creator of Small Town Scribble. I am a freelance blogger and writer. I created this blog as something where I can reach out to people and express my true self! More about me on the about me page.

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