You Are An Important Person

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You are important. You are an individual that matters. You are on this planet, meaning that you are somebody. While that might not be somebody famous, or somebody struggling with themselves, doesn’t mean you are any less of a person. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep this in mind, that’s why I’m putting out a reminder.

You Are Alive

Every person, in this moment, in this world is alive, including you. You are a living, breathing human. You wake up everyday and go to sleep every night. You plan your day and go about fulfilling it. 

Just by getting up in the morning proves that you are a person. Times are hard so that will look different for everyone, but just the act of getting up signifies that you are alive. 

Additionally, know that just breathing and waking up in the morning (not even getting up) you are still a living human being.

And that includes no matter how you feel, whether you are depressed and stay in bed all day or happy and do so much during the day; you are still alive. 

You Touch Someone or Something

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Day to day life can be lonely and hard to live, but with each and every day you touch somebody (or something) in some way. 

Whether it’s checking in with a family member or saying hi to the cashier at the store, you interact with people most days. The smallest act can change somebody’s day. Smiling to a stranger in the street, asking how are you to the waitress are just a couple examples of how you can brighten someone’s day. With those acts you could even brighten your day. 

On the other hand, if you stay home all day taking care of a pet or plant is touching them as well. Giving love and nurturing to something other than people. You are still giving that love and kindness. 

Again, that can make or break someone’s day, including yours. Kindness is a powerful tool, and giving off some of that will leave both parties feeling better. It can humanize you and make you realize that you are doing something.

In many ways, you have probably touched someone and don’t even know it. 

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You Add to the Population

As a person on this planet you add to the population of this world. Of your country and of your city. 

You are a number being counted towards the population. Think about that for a second and realize that you are an actual person that is why you are being counted for. 

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You Matter

As a physical, breathing person on this planet you do matter. Don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise. 

So many people don’t know this and allow others to bring them down and tell them otherwise. But I’m here to say you do matter. 

That said, I know it’s hard to believe otherwise. Like who’s this chick telling me if I matter or not compared to my friends and loved ones. Which is true, but if those people can’t see how great you really are, maybe they aren’t your friends or loved ones.

However, as an individual, without external input, it is hard to comprehend this notion. It really is. It takes practice and commitment to work towards believing it. 

Taking into consideration the topics touched on above you are a person which makes you important. Those are just a few of the examples of how you are important to people.

Learning That You Matter

Learning and believing this concept is hard but it is something people need to learn for themselves. Because you are important so you have to take care of yourself. 

There are a lot of different things you could work on to help you understand this concept. The biggest first step is self care and taking the time for yourself to learn that you have self worth.

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Check out this page to learn a little about self care and some ideas!

Once you start to learn about taking care of yourself and your health, you will start to realize how much you do matter. That is the biggest goal here. Take a look at this article to learn more about self worth and value. 

Learning these things isn’t easy and believing it is a whole other thing. But remember these reminders. They will help you on the track to realizing it and putting that into your day to day life. 

In summary, just try and keep in mind how you are important and how you do matter. Take these topics as reminders for yourself, as well as starting some things, like self care, to help you get there. 

It’s a work in progress, but it is a task that so many people need to do in their lives so they realize how important they really are. Because you do matter.

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