Why Exercise?

Different types of Exercise 

Oh exercise, how important you are, but how hard you are. I know I know, we all know we need to exercise and many are probably tired of hearing it. I agree exercise is important, for more than just physical health, but many find it too hard or too much work or don’t have time.

Well I have news for you, you can exercise with whatever works best for you and what you like to do. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing, especially if you don’t like it because it is just gonna discourage you from exercising at all. 

Everyone’s bodies are different, just like how someone may not be able to eat gluten, some may not be able to do yoga for example. That’s why it is so great that there are so many options for exercise because you can do whatever feels good to you. And whatever you enjoy doing.

Different examples of exercise

Below are a few examples, and some details, about different ways of exercising. These are just a few that I know of and I, personally, like to do.

First, weightlifting. Weightlifting is a great way to build muscle. It helps you become stronger, as well as burning fat and calories. Training with weights can help you increase mobility, flexibility and boost self-esteem.

Relaxing yoga

Next, yoga. Yoga is a very relaxing type of exercise. It is a good stress reliever at the same time as making you more fit. As with weightlifting, it helps improve your mobility and flexibility. Additionally, it helps your balance and if your clumsy, like me, you need that help.

Sports. This one is really good because it allows you to do what you really love, as well as getting in that exercise. It’ll help improve your physical health and your mental health. Some examples are swimming, basketball, hockey and baseball.

Lastly, cycling or running. Any type of cardio really. Here is one that is very versatile. You could go walking/running around your neighbourhood or you could go to a cycling class at your local gym. Again, any type of cardio that you enjoy and feels good to you is beneficial. It allows you to burn fat and get leaner. Also, increasing your stamina. 

More tips to enjoy exercise

Working out with someone else. Inviting somebody else to exercise with you is a good way to keep you accountable because you are less likely to back out if you have someone waiting for you. It is also a lot more fun to have someone to work out with, someone to do it with and share success with. In many cases, doing it with someone will help you actually look forward to it.

Exercise with a friend

You can exercise anywhere. Maybe not in the office, but you know what I mean. To exercise you do not have to go to the gym. You can exercise in your own backyard if you want. Many create home gyms, or simply just use their living room or even a spare room. You could go to a park or a friend’s house. Options are everywhere.

You can exercise however much you want and whenever you want. If you only have time for 20 minutes, then just do 20 minutes. It is something that is completely flexible to your needs and time. There are many plans and workouts out there that you have so many options to choose what is right for you. 

If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay. There are many ways and options that you can do to help you get started in working out and exercising. A few examples, fitness apps, personal trainer, even youtubing a video. More on these options in a later article. 

Benefits of exercising

Brain weightlifting

Believe it or not but exercise can be fun. Something you look forward to doing. And the benefits of any type of movement is well worth it for your mind and your body. 

Get in shape. This is an obvious one because most exercise to burn calories and lose weight and that is why they have started to exercise. You can also build muscle, which helps your strength

Next, boosting self-esteem. When you exercise you release happy chemicals in the brain that help you feel good. Also, once you start to lose weight or start to notice a difference in how your clothes fit, your self confidence starts to grow too. This also helps increase your mood.

In the same way, when you exercise you also help relieve stress. Again, when you work your body your brain releases a chemical that helps reduce stress.

Exercising can also help regulate other chemicals in your body and keep them balanced, such as blood sugar. And also increases your heart and brain health. Visit here to learn more about that.

Lastly, it also helps you sleep better because it tires you out. It gets out all that pent up energy so that when you go to go to sleep you aren’t as full of energy and can fall asleep and stay asleep better. 

Exercise for stress

Exercise is something that is crucial to have in your life for so many reasons. And it is so great how many options there are because then you can enjoy doing it. Enjoying it will allow you to want to do it and the benefits will keep you doing it. Then that circle just keeps going. 

What do you do for exercise? Let me know in the comments below!

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