Why did I start a blog?

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Blogging has become very popular. It is something that has many benefits for writers and businesses. For me there are many reasons and benefits as to why I decided to start blogging.

Somewhere to Express Myself

Writing is an activity that I really enjoy, as it is something that has so much freedom. I’ve realized that writing is something that allows so much expression and what better place to do that than a blog? Somewhere where I can share my interests, thoughts and opinions. In expressing myself I am also learning a lot. Many things I didn’t know I was interested in and look forward too.

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A Stress Reliever

Full transparency, I struggle with anxiety and depression, so I find writing about things I enjoy is good way to help relieve some of that tension.

A Starting Point

I’ve discovered that editing and writing are something that I am truly passionate about. So, my hope is to one day make a career of that. In starting my blog, its a good beginning to maybe one day expand Small Town Scribble. And we all need to start somewhere right?

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To Reach People

Most importantly, one of my wants in life to be able to reach and help people. This blog is a good platform to try and achieve that. So many people struggle, and to just hear (or read) that they are not alone is what some need. I hope that my content will help people one day and maybe inspire others to follow their passions.

My main message is to help people realize that things aren’t as impossible as you may think. Be yourself, do what you love, express your opinion!

All in all, I hope you enjoy my blog. Happy reading!

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Try searching for it!

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