Tried and True Spring Time To Do’s

White daisies put in a shape of hearts on a tree stump for spring

Crazy enough, spring is quickly approaching and with that comes regular spring time to do’s. We all have certain hobbies and things that we do in the different seasons, and spring is no different. Maybe even more busy than the rest!

Spring is a time of refreshing and beginning again. And so, it makes sense for us to do some lifestyle habits and changes to go along with the season.

Starting Spring

As mentioned above, spring is a time of starting anew and a time to start fresh. It is a season so many of us welcome because of the fresh, warm air, the blooming flowers and the refreshing rain. As well as the promise of summer coming soon.

So, with all these feelings and new starts it makes sense to incorporate some of that into our lifestyle as well. Changing things up or cleaning up things helps us feel fulfilled and refreshed, same as the spring season.

Therefore, what better time to do those things than at the start of spring. While the weather is changing, why can’t you change too?

Did you know that the first day of spring is actually considered the start of a new year for Persians? Even more evidence as to how spring brings about fresh starts and beginning new times. 

FYI, the first day of spring is the 21st of March. So coming real soon!

What Spring Brings

A sunset over trees on a spring night with a whole bunch of hot air balloons in the air.

In continuation of above, spring brings a lot to the plate when it arrives. It is a season that strongly affects many big behaviors in our lives. Things like:

How does spring affect these factors, you might be asking. Well that’s a really good question.

Longer Days

The biggest thing about spring is the days start to become longer, meaning we have more daylight than moonlight. 

This allows us to feel better mentally because as humans we need that vitamin D of the sun to function properly. It gives us almost a recharge and leaves us with happy feelings, as well as being nice and warm.

Additionally, the long days help us feel more energetic allowing us to feel better to get more things done and be more active. With the shorter winter days, I know, it can be hard to find the motivation to do things because you feel like it’s already night.

Well, with longer daylight you have more sunlight time to be able to get more stuff done and still feel motivated to actually get them done.

Sunflower Superbalm


Speaking of motivation, during this time we are moving away from the winter blues and becoming excited for spring, more lively if you will. 

With that you will automatically feel more motivated and energetic. Allowing you to feel like doing things like chores or going out.

With this motivation people are more likely to be more active and get the physical activity that our bodies need on the regular. 

Being Outside

2 blue butterflies sitting on yellow buds of danelions with green below and blue sky above for spring

In addition, once spring comes people tend to spend a lot more time outside, expectantly. But it’s so nice because we can actually go outside now.

Here in Canada, it’s usually too cold or snowy to really do much outside during the winter. So, when spring comes it’s so exciting to be able to get to go do things outside.

Personally, I love going for walks outdoors, so I am excited to be able to pick that up again here shortly!

And being outside doesn’t have to be active, it can simply be laying on your deck or even doing outdoors chores. The point is that we can just be outside more.

Be Cleaner

As mentioned, spring is a time of cleanliness because of the refreshing smells and such that come with it. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of spring cleaning? Well that’s what I’m talking about. It is cleaning out the old, moldy winter and bringing in the clean air and freshness of spring.

This is a time when people do their big house cleaning. Not just the weekly things like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, but cleaning the windows and blinds and actually moving things to clean under. Cleaning out the linen closet, throwing things away, etc. 

Like I said new beginnings, and what better way than starting from a clean slate?

Spring To Do’s

Of course there are some common things that people do during this season, but you can do or start whatever you want.

It is an equinox, which many people take as a time to change or start new things. It isn’t only January 1st where you can set up goals and try new things.


Described about above, spring cleaning is probably the biggest to do there is. It is like this, most likely, because spring is so refreshing so you want to start at a clean slate. Literally haha!

Spring is a great time for helping your mental health, and a good idea for helping with that is cleaning out the old (or what’s weighing you down) and bringing in the new. Or just cleaning out the winter mold and germs leaving your home feeling fresh and ready, just like you.

Garden Starting/Planning

Different types of cacti sitting on a white shelf all different shapes and sizes and different pots.

Summer is right after spring and with both of those seasons comes gardening! 

Spring is a great time to start planning your garden or even to start it (depending on where you live and your weather habits). Some seeds take a lot longer than others and therefore need to be or can be started inside early. 

Even if you aren’t a gardener, you can just get some flowers or seedlings around your deck or house and you can plan that now as well.

Air It Out

Next, airing things out. This one is kind of like cleaning, but a bit different. Due to being shut in and such all winter your home is probably a little stuffy. Especially with the furnace running a lot more, so air it out.

On a nicer, more warm day, open all the windows you can and get a flow going. It will take the winter germs and leave your house smelling and feeling spring fresh, as well as cleared out and airy.

Put Away Winter Things

Lastly, put away all that clunky winter gear. All the boots, mitts, toques, coats. Put that stuff away till next year.

Your closet will feel much more open and less cluttered. As well as giving you room for all your spring and summer outerwear.

Other Things

Additionally, you can start any other spring habits that come to mind. The ones above are the more common ones, but are very effective ones so be sure to think about trying one of those. 

But, don’t be afraid to pick up something new if you want to this spring. Remember spring is a time for new beginnings and blooming, in addition to a fresh start and refreshing time. 

Some ideas are:

The list is endless, but do something or pick something up that is new and/or refreshing for you. Something that can help you feel better. 

What things are you starting this spring?