Top 5 TV and Movies To Watch This Fall Season

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Fall is quickly approaching and with that comes the perfect weather to curl up with a blanket and a tv and/or a movie But the question becomes what should I watch? Well you’re in luck, here is a list of some tv shows and movies that are great for the fall season!


One of the best things is to curl up and watch a movie on a chilly, cloudy evening or Sunday afternoon. But, don’t forget the popcorn!

The Blind Side

Released: 2009

This movie is based on a book of the same name by Michael Lewis. This is a story about a homeless high school student that becomes an all-american football player. It follows his journey through his tough times and finding a loving family. It is a tear jerker so grab the kleenex.

Available on: Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV, Google Play, Youtube or for rent on Shaw and Telus TV.

Good Will Hunting

Released: 1997

Will Hunting has a genius level IQ. He has had some troubles in his life, and chooses to work as a janitor instead of using his skills. When he is caught solving a challenging mathematics problem by a professor at the college, his life starts to take a different direction.

Available on: Prime Video, Google Play, Youtube, Apple TV or for rent on Shaw and Telus TV.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Released: 2001

He is the boy who lived and is forever paying the price for it. On his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter learns of who his late parents really are and what he is supposed to be, a wizard. But, as he wasn’t supposed to live, Harry Potter goes through many ups and downs of trying to learn this new world and why he is who he is.

If you didn’t know (which I am sure most of you do) there is 8 movies in total in this world, so this is a great series to start and watch over the fall season or do a marathon.

Available on: Crave TV, Prime Video, Youtube, Apple TV and Google Play or for rent on Shaw and Telus TV.

Sweet Home Alabama

Released: 2002

A romantic comedy about a woman from Alabama turned into a big New York fashion designer. Life seems perfect for Melanie, dream job, dream home, dream boyfriend who just proposed. However, if she wants the life she always dreamed of, she will have to return home to tie up her loose ends. 

Available On: Disney+, Youtube, Google Play and Apple TV or for rent on Shaw and Telus TV.

Knives Out

Released: 2019

Harlen Thrombey is a wealthy, mystery novelist who is celebrating his 85th birthday with family and friends. Only, the morning after his party he is found dead. Most believe it is a suicide, but private detective Benoit Blanc is anonymously hired to prove this true or false. 

Available on: Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, Youtube or for rent on Shaw and Telus TV.

TV Shows

If you are looking for something that will last all fall or for at least a little bit of fall here are some TV shows you can try.

Gilmore girls 

Seasons: 7 (2000-2007)

This is a very wholesome yet funny series about a single mom and her daughter getting through life in a little town called Stars Hollow. Loreali had Rory at a young age and has been raising her on her own, until she realizes that Rory needs more than just her as she gets older, so Loreali turns to her parents for help. 

Available on: Netflix, Apple TV, Google Play and Youtube.

This Is Us

Seasons: 6 (2016-2022)

Told in timelines of the present and the past, this show focuses on 3 triplets and how their lives are with and without their dad. Showing us how a family truly sticks together through the good times and the bad. And how some people stay with you throughout your entire lives even if they aren’t there physically. It is a heartfelt story on a fathers love that will definitely give you all the feels this fall season.

Available on: Netflix, Apple TV and Youtube.

Gossip Girl

Seasons: 6 (2007-2012)

Based on a book series by Cecily von Ziegesar, this series starts following a group of teenagers in their final years in high school. They are in the high end part of New York, but when a guy from Brooklyn comes into the picture and the it girl comes back to town everything changes. And if that isn’t enough there is an anonymous presence sharing all their secrets. With all the drama and secrets will they find out of Gossip Girl really is?

Available on: Crave TV, Apple TV and Youtube.


Seasons: 3 (2018-Present)

This show is also based off of a book by Caroline Kepnes. It is a thriller that follows Joe Goldberg. A guy working at a bookstore, who loves to read and is a stalker and killer. He has an obsessive tendency that when he finds someone he’s interested in, he immerses himself deep into their lives, but what happens when they don’t want him back?

Available on: Netflix, Apple TV and Youtube


Seasons: 6 (2017-Present)

Based on the characters from the Archie Comics comes a series that is much more twisted than the comic books. Classified as a supernatural horror, drama, this series follows the beloved Archie characters through their last years of high school, but when people start to turn up dead things get much more interesting in the small town of Riverdale. 

Available on: Netflix, Apple TV and Youtube.

There are so many more movies and TV shows that are good fall watches. Some of these are annual watches for me or people I know. 

What do you like to watch during the fall season?

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