The Best Christmas Movies and Music

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The holiday season is here and among all the things that accompany it, Christmas movies is another topic that is highly anticipated. 

Personally, I can’t stand Christmas outside of the holiday season. So all the songs, movies, TV show episodes, etc. I watch and listen to only during the holiday season. No other time. And so I always have a big list of all the things I want to watch during this wonderful season.

There are some, what I consider, traditional movies and songs that I have to listen and watch at least once during this season. They are the ones that make the holiday season feel special.

Family Time Tradition

The best thing about having movies you watch consistently every year is the tradition of it. How it is set aside family time for you and whoever is special to you. 

It is also a tradition, so you do it every year with kids, family and friends. So people look forward to it, and it is something that your kids will learn and love to do, maybe even pass to their kids. 

For me every year, my family and I set up a wrapping date. We pick a day to wrap all day or evening, and as we wrap we drink hot chocolate and watch the movie, White Christmas.

Kid Friendly Movies

The Grinch

Release: 2000

An absolute classic, have to watch every Christmas, is How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

This follows a grinch that hates Christmas. He is trying to cancel or steal Christmas in the town of Whoville. Whoville is all about Christmas, it is their favorite thing and everyone goes above and beyond, which makes the grinch even madder.

There are actually 3 versions of this one, one is cartoon and a little more kid friendly, but all of them are great!

A Christmas Carol

Release: 2009

There are many different movies and versions about the classic christmas carol story. 

My favorite one is the one with Jim Carrey as a voice actor. It follows Scrooge, who again dislikes all things Christmas and ruins it for everyone. One night he gets visited by a ghost that warns him of Christmas past, present and future, who then come and try to teach Scrooge the magic of Christmas.

Again, there are many different versions of this movie. You just have to look and find which one you like the best.

Home Alone

Release: 1990

Oh Home Alone. As a go to Christmas movie, this one is very popular and has about 6 movies to its name. However, the first two are the best in my opinion.

Kevin comes from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters. This Christmas the whole family is going on vacation, but in the hustle and bustle, Kevin gets left behind. He’s excited though to have the whole house to himself and do whatever he wants, until 2 guys try and rob it.

Arthur Christmas

Release: 2011

This one is a different kind of Christmas story, which makes it really fun and popular.

Arthur is Santa’s son, but he isn’t the handiest Christmas son. However, when Santa misplaces a present, Arthur makes it his mission to deliver this little girl’s present before time runs out.

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

Release: 2004

This is a cute little movie for all ages. 

It is a bunch of Christmas shorts, or short films, following the Mickey Mouse clan during the holiday season. It’s a simple and wholesome movie.

There is 2 of these movies actually. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas came out in 1999 and it is the same thing; a film of shorts.

Santa Paws

Release: 2010

As you probably guessed this is an installment in the Paws movies collection, just the Christmas edition.

Santa has lost his memory and just before Christmas too. He can’t even remember who he is. So the pups, an elf and two brave children make it their mission to get Santa’s memory back in time for Christmas Eve.

The Santa Clauses

Release: 1994

There are 3 movies and now a TV show, that came out this year, in this collection.

Scott Calvin is having Christmas Eve with his son, something that doesn’t always happen. They are doing their thing when suddenly they hear something on the roof. Scott thinks it’s just a silly guy dressed in a Santa suit, but he ends up scaring him causing him to fall off the roof. Scott then tries on the suit and he and his son are magically transported to the North Pole to begin a crazy adventure.

The Christmas Chronicles

Release: 2018

Being a newer release it isn’t as popular as some on this list. With 2 movies, they are really good and cute Christmas movies.

Two siblings hatch a plan to capture Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. When things go awry and they realize that Santa is actually real. The siblings and Santa Nick have little time to try and save Christmas before the night is over.

More Adult-Like Movies

Miracle of 34th Street

Release: 1994 (original 1947)

This is a classic Christmas movie. The original was released in 1947, but can be hard to find and for some hard to watch being so old. There is another one from 1994 that is easier to find.

Susan Walker, who is 6, is skeptical of the whole Santa thing, something she probably gets from her mom, Dorey. But despite that she and her mother are enlisted to hire a Santa for the Macy’s store that Dorey runs. They find someone with a curious name claiming he is actually Santa, making them wonder if what they think of Santa is actually true.


Release: 2003

After an incident as a toddler, Buddy grows up in the North Pole as an elf with Santa himself. As an adult, Buddy can’t help but shake the feeling that he doesn’t belong there and sets out to New York to find his real father. However, he’s never been to the real world or has any other clothes.

A good laugh this one is and one that many people love to watch at this time of year. 

A Boy Called Christmas

Release: 2021

Only released last year, this is a good where did Christmas begin tale.

Nikolas’s father is out on a quest to find a fabled village, but when he is gone a little too long Nikolas decides to go look for him. He meets a reindeer, Blitzen, and a helpful mouse along the road; he also finds his true destiny on the way. 


Release: 1988

With actor Bill Murray, Scrooged is an original comedy Christmas movie.

As a different take on the tale A Christmas Carol, we follow Frank who is a grumpy bah humbug who has driven away the love of his life. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by a series of ghosts that try to teach him about righting his wrongs. 

White Christmas

Release: 1954

This is my all time favorite Christmas movie of all time. I watch it at least 3 times during this time of year. It is a true classic and only the original is good.

Bob Wallace and Phil Davis leave the army to become a singing act, and become very popular. Along their show travels they meet Betty and Judy Haynes, and end up teaming up with them. When they get to take a break, they run into their old army captain, who is struggling to keep his inn open financially. As singer and songwriters they decide to make a show to help the captain.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Release: 1946

Just like White Christmas, this is a true classic that is a very traditional holiday season movie.

George Bailey has many problems that he feels he can never fix and thinks he should just end it all. Just as he is about to jump off the bridge, he ends up saving his guardian angel. Who then shows George what his town, family and friends would be like if it wasn’t for him. 

Hallmark Christmas Movies

I just had to mention these haha. These are super cheesy, guy always gets the girl, magical Christmas movies. But they bring a smile to your face and are always just happy and cheery movies. Many don’t watch them because they are so cheesy, but sometimes you just need a typical, bring a smile to your face movie. 

The Hallmark channel plays them all day, everyday during the holiday season so you can always catch a couple. 


Christmas songs are everywhere right now because it is the holiday season. So I thought I’d share some of the Christmas music that I love to listen to this time of year. 

Those are just a few of the Christmas songs and albums that I like to listen to during the holiday season. Check out my Christmas playlist on Spotify.

What about you? What do you like to watch and listen to at Christmas?

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