Never Leave Home Without These Popular Items

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We all take things with us whenever we leave the house, but what are some items you just can’t leave home without. And not the obvious things like your wallet and your purse. More like what do you carry in your purse and/or bag.

Here is a list of the things I never leave my house without and I’m sure most of you do the same for some of the items on this list. 

Water Bottle

4 different sized water bottles lined up, 2 taller blue ones and 2 shorter silver steel ones.

I drink a lot of water during the day, so I always have a water bottler when I leave the house. 

Drinking water throughout the day is very important for your health and your body. It keeps you hydrated and helps detox you.

Lip balm and Lotion

Before I leave the house I always put on lip balm and lotion. Every single time. It’s just a habit that I have grown into. Now I make sure to carry some of both with me for when I do leave the house. 

You never know when your lips will get dry and start to burn or when your hands get so dry they just feel rough and hurt. Especially during the colder seasons your lips and hands tend to dry out a lot faster. So it is good to carry these items around just in case. 

Hair Tie or Scrunchie

Everyone with long hair gets it. When your hair is just in your face or brushing the side of your face just the wrong way and all you want to do is pull it back. But then sometimes you don’t have anything to pull it up and you have to suffer. 

I always make sure I have a scrunchie with me just in case I end up doing something where my hair gets in the way or I just get annoyed with it. 

Glasses (Glasses Cloth)

a pair of gold perfectly round glasses sitting with the legs out.

This one depends on what your situation is. I am an all day, everyday glasses wearer, so I can’t leave home without my glasses because I will not be able to see. However, I always make sure I have a glasses cloth with me, for the scuffs and smudges that inevitably get on my glasses. 

On the other hand, there are many people that use glasses only for certain things like driving or reading. Or people that can’t drive without having sunglasses on. So those people try and make sure they always have their glasses with them before they leave their house.

Sweater or Jacket

I hate being cold and so when there’s a chance that I might be cold I always bring a spare sweater with me. Or I’ll bring one if I leave when it’s warm and know I won’t be back till late when it’s colder out. 

The weather can change very quickly and so do plans. So it’s always good to be prepared just in case. You don’t want to be having fun, but have that little damper of how cold you are.


Gum isn’t for everyone, but I like it because it keeps me from munching. Instead I just chew on a piece of gum. It also keeps me distracted so then I don’t do my nervous habits like picking at my nails and chewing on my lip. 

It’s also good to have for that last minute breath check before meeting someone or going into work or a meeting. 


A smartphone with no case sitting on an open notebook with a pen in between the pages all sitting beside an open laptop;

I know this is very cliche, but smartphones are so helpful for busy people or for people that find themselves bored.

Personally, my phone has helped me with some social anxiety when I’m in a crowded place or waiting for an appointment. Instead of making awkward small talk or trying to avoid any eye contact. I will just go on my phone. Which, again I know, isn’t great but very helpful for anxiety and is actually a coping skill. 

Aside from that, I use my phone a lot for music or listening to an audiobook. I also like to have it around because it helps me keep track of all my blogging stuff and my schedule. You never know when you’ll get inspiration or need to jot something down. 

Hand Sanitizer 

This has only really become a thing for me, and probably for most, the last couple years due to the pandemic. 

Even though things aren’t so crucial now, I still carry and use my hand sanitizer every time I go out or shopping. My hands just feel gross now when I leave a store and get in the car. So I make sure to have it with me so I know I’m not spreading anything or potentially getting sick myself.

A Book

I never go anywhere without my book. If I anticipate a long wait or just going to be sitting around I always bring my book.

I’m an avid reader and so whenever I get a chance I will probably be reading. So that’s where I bring a book.

A book fanned open so some of the pages are opened and it looks like a fan.

My phone is also my book because I have certain apps that I use to read so this kind of falls in with that reasoning as well.


If you have kids you know you can’t leave the house without having snacks. Well I don’t have kids, but like above, if I think I’ll be out for a while I try to make sure I bring a snack.

So then I won’t go hungry and I also won’t spend extra money on buying something to eat. 

A Good Mindset

I’ve been finding this way very important the last little bit. So many people say this that its become kind of clique, but it is very true and very important for your mental health.

A good mindset can truly make or break a situation. Leaving the house thinking it will be a good day will bring you to a positive mood to start your day. Whereas, leaving the house thinking bad thoughts, you are going to be in a worse mood and most likely have a worse day.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it for good and positive thoughts. Here is an article from Lifewithlaurel about to start your day with a good mindset.

There are things that we all carry around with us whenever we leave the house. It is just our habits and how we run our lives.

What are some things you can never leave the house without?

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