Its Gardening Season!

It’s that time of year again folks… gardening season! I know I’m late to the party, but I can still talk about starting a garden. Can’t I? Well I’m going too anyway haha. 

This is the first year I have been able to start my own garden. It is something I have wanted to do for a few years, just didn’t have the proper space to start one until now. So far I am loving having one and learning the benefits that come with it. Here is my garden:

Benefits of having a garden

During the summer months, gardening is such a great hobby to have. It is something that forces you outside in the beautiful sun and allows you to get your hands dirty. I don’t know why, but playing in the dirt can be very satisfying, at least for me! Soaking in that vitamin D is so good for you and can make you feel just a bit better. 

More Benefits!

Gardening also promotes the option of saving money. Instead of going out and buying some fruits and veggies (which can be pretty expensive) you are growing your own. Doing this as a hobby can additionally give a sense of accomplishment. For those who have gardened before or gardening this year, isn’t it great to see those seeds sprout? I was very excited when my first carrot sprouted because it meant I could actually garden! Seeing that first green shoot gives you that sense of achievement for being able to grow something. Imagine how it’ll feel when you harvest those vegetables. 

farm fresh veggies

Different types of gardens

You don’t have to do just a vegetable garden either, there are endless options for what you can plant and grow. It all depends on a person’s tastes and interests. Some examples of different gardens are as follows:

flower garden, vegetable garden and raised garden beds

There are boundless possibilities for a garden. It doesn’t have to be a traditional garden (ie: veggies and that’s it) it is anything that you like and you can maintain. Gardens can also be big, small, tiered, or all of the above. 

What can you grow in your garden?

Pretty much anything you can imagine. Peas, oregano, carrots, strawberries, corn, roses and on and on. Again, gardens depend on the person and what they like. However it is important to take into consideration the climate of where you are and growing times of the seeds/plants you want to plant. Climate is something to watch when you are trying to grow something; saying this doesn’t mean you have bad weather so you can’t have a garden, it just means you need to adjust to what your plants need. 

Other things to consider

Growing times and climate kind of go together. Take where I live for example; we get about 3-4 months of nice growing weather, well some plants take longer to grow than that. So in this case, you can either start your garden inside early, so they start to grow, and then transplant when it’s warm enough or you can bring them inside once it starts to get cold in the fall. 

Many think gardens are hard to start and that is why they don’t, but don’t forget you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. The smaller the garden the less maintenance or on the other hand, the bigger the garden the more you have. This is a hobby that is very flexible. Moreover, it has some great benefits.


Leave a comment below saying if you’ve started a garden. How long have you been gardening? What have you planted this year? Let me know!

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