How To Make Your Home Homey

cozy looking home with a comfy couch, some decoration and plants

The main thing many of us want in our home is that it feels homey. And to make it feel like that you have to make it yours by decorating and filling it with everything you like and enjoy. However, many find it hard to do this and often find themselves wondering what should I put there? Or that space looks empty or off, what should I do? Well here are just a few ideas of all the items you can add to your house to make it more homey and yours. 


Putting plants into your home can brighten up your house. They add some colour, well also adding some aesthetic appeal. Not to mention some plants have other benefits in them like air purifying (more on that later). You may be thinking, nope not for me I kill everything! Well good news, you can get fake plants that still make your house look better, however there are no added benefits, but still very pretty. If you are interested in getting some plants, but scared to kill them here are some plants that are nearly impossible to kill.

4 different plants


Yes, it’s a given to put furniture into your home haha; here I am talking about some extra pieces that you can add in. Besides your main essential furniture, you can add in other things that help fill a space up, as well as giving it a new look. It’s actually quite crazy how much a chair or a small table can change a room. 

Here are just a few examples of furniture you can add:


a decorated bookshelf with more than just books

Bookshelves go with furniture, but I wanted to talk about them separately as I am a book lover. If you read, like me, bookshelves are a necessity, but additionally, they are good for holding so much more than books. You can literally put whatever you want on a bookshelf, giving you the ultimate expression of you in your house. It’s a blank canvas. You could put plants, pictures, collectibles, journals, etc. on a bookshelf. And it allows you to dress it up however you want, and can be changed whenever. Lastly, they also help add character to your home in that they vary in size, shape and colour.


Pictures are a great way to bring life to a space. As with bookshelves, pictures come in all shapes and sizes, and frames do as well. Adding any style you want to your home. They are also great because they help hold memories, and having them out where you can see them helps you relive those memories. Lastly, they can be put anywhere, so where somewhere looks a little empty a picture might be just what it needs or even a picture collage on a wall. This brings me to my next idea…

Wall decor

Pictures kind of fall into this category because you can easily hang a picture in a nice frame, rather than it being on a shelf. Wall decor can be any number of things, and believe it or not, paint is a very effective wall decor. Picture it, a room painted a nice neutral colour, then hang some pictures or pieces of art, then add some furniture, perfect! This is a very broad category meaning there are so many options for what you can get to hang on your walls: paintings, bulletin board, wall stickers, floating shelves, and so so much more.

example of floating shelves


Some other things that we do in our lives can act as something that creates that homey feel. As stated above, if you’re a reader, your books/bookshelves will fill up space. Another example is if you work from home, your office will have furniture and small things, maybe like a pencil holder or a lamp; just those in themselves give some decoration and make it feel more lived in. Or if you garden, your garden will give off some good vibes. (Here is an article all about gardening if you are interested.) Many hobbies add to the aesthetic of our homes.  

Don’t forget to live

To really make a house feel like a home, you need to live in it. Do your normal daily things and routines. Put out your makeup, set up your kitchen how you’d like to see it, leave the bed a mess. Your house will start to feel homey after you’ve lived in it and made memories in it. 

What do you have in your home that gives you that homey feeling? Let me know in the comments. 

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