How To Keep Busy This Winter

A soap bubble frozen by the cold weather outside.

Winter is here and it is cold! This time of year it can be hard to stay busy and find things to do, but it is important to do something, if anything for yourself. Deciding on an activity to do can be hard to figure out, so here’s some ideas that you can give a try.

Why stay busy during winter?

First of all, let’s talk about why it is important to stay busy and active during the colder months.

We can all testify to the warmer months being a bit busier with vacation, enjoying the warm weather, and such. But, in the winter it’s school time and cold, so you usually find yourself a lot less busy.

Being less busy we tend to sit at home more and hermit a bit. By that I mean just sitting at home watching TV all the time, except for work obviously. This isn’t good for your body or mental health.

Your body and your mind need to be active, sometimes not all the time, and have things to look forward to. Or else you can go into a very dark place, and speaking from experience, it is hard to get out of.

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So let’s discover some neat hobbies you can pick up this winter season to keep your mind and body in a good place.

Outdoor Activities

There are many outdoor hobbies and activities that can only be done in the winter because of the need for snow. But, even though it’s cold and snowy, you should still try to get outside for a little bit.


A pair of figure skates laying in the snow by some tree branches at night

Skating is an activity that you can do outside or in an ice arena. Either way it’s a lot of fun.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner at skating, it’s fun and something to try. You can even practice and play hockey while you skate.

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you live in a place that gets lots of snow this is a really good one!

It is a sport that you do on hills and mountains covered in snow. There are even parks and resorts that open just for the winter months. Some places that don’t get much snow create false ski hills so people can still snowboard and ski.

There are different types of skiing and snowboarding that you can find what you like the best.


A white toboggan sitting on the snow ready to go

Being a good family activity, this is a good one to do on a Saturday or Sunday. It is something people of all ages love and is such a fun idea for a family day in the winter.

You just need a sled, and some warm clothes. And maybe some hot chocolate after. 


Snowshoeing is also for a place with a decent amount of snow. It involves hiking and trekking in the snow. They are special shoes designed for you to walk more easily on the snow.

If you like to go for walks and hikes in the summer, you can still do that in the winter with snowshoes.

Dog Sledding

Dogs are great, at least in my opinion, and it’s really cool to see them in action like this.

A husky panting from doing his dog sledding duties.

The dogs are set up to pull a sled with you in it, so they pull you across the snow. This actually used to be a way of travel in the past. Again, it is really cool to see, and you get to pet a bunch of dogs.

Indoor Activities

Sometimes it is way too cold outside to go out and do anything. That’s where indoor hobbies come in. The neat thing about these hobbies is you can do them year round, but sometimes they are just better in the winter.


I love to puzzle during the winter. It is something that is relaxing, and immersing. Once you start a puzzle you just want to finish it. 

A pile of puzzles pieces that haven't been organized or put together yet.

The great thing about puzzles is there are so many out there, that there is quite literally something for everyone.


Nothing is better than curling up on a cold, snowy day with tea, a cozy blanket and a good book. 

This is something I do year round. But, again, it is something where there is something for everyone. 


You can also draw, but this is a good, creative activity to keep you busy.

Now, if you are thinking I am not creative there’s no way I could do this. I have news for you; you can get paint by number and paint by diamonds. Personally, I do paint by diamonds.

It is very relaxing and I find myself losing track of time doing it, as well as creating a nice, pretty picture.


Small pieces of dough sitting in flour beside a rolling pin

Again, a year round hobby, but during the winter, you want your house to be warm, so turning on the oven isn’t as bad haha.

Seriously though, baking is a good winter hobby because of Christmas, and baking just tastes better because of the comfort of it when you are looking for comfy, cozy in the cold weather.

Indoor Tanning

I know, a weird one, but hear me out. During the winter we lack that UV and Vitamin D from the sun, indoor tanning gives you a little dose of that. 

This will actually help your mental health and keep you warm. Now, it’s not to go to get tan, it’s to go to get what your body is missing. Unless you want to tan then go for it!

Another option is a sun lamp, to again let you get the UV and Vitamin D that your body wants.

Seasonal Activities

There are certain things and activities that only happen in the winter that we can look forward to.

Hockey Games

A long shot photo of a hockey game in a stadium with a few players and the referees on the ice.

Hockey is a big thing that only happens during the winter. The NHL is a league of hockey teams that compete starting in the fall and goes to late spring.

All the games air on TV and you can even get tickets and go to a game near you.

Award Season

Winter is the time for awards like the Oscars. You can follow who the nominees are and even see who gets voted and wins. And even vote yourself.

There are many different awards shows that air and happen during the winter.

TV Shows

A person with there slippers on sitting in front of a fire with a cup of a hot drink, their phone and the tv remote.

Fall and winter is when your favourite, or potentially your new favourite shows, start releasing new episodes.

You can watch on TV channels, on demand or even online.

Winter is a cold, kind of miserable season, but it’s crucial to still continue to do things. Even things that aren’t on this list. 

Just remember to stay active and keep going.

What is something that you like to do in the winter?

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