How Hygge Can Dominate Your Life

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Many take the start of a new year as a chance to start fresh, a different lifestyle if you will. Or they at least try to incorporate different elements of various lifestyles into their own life. Something like hygge. 

And why not now? It is literally the perfect time to do it with a new year just starting. But keep in mind you can do it any time of the year. The start of the year is just when people are more motivated and driven.

So, let’s talk about hygge and what that entails. Let’s see how that affects your life and the different techniques you can try to achieve your own hygge.

What is Hygge?

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Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish behavior that describes a mood of coziness and contentment with feelings of wellness and comfort. It’s most often associated with feelings and thoughts of happiness. This then leads to a life of relaxation and less stress. 

It is hard to describe hygge using one word because it encompasses so much. Its main focus is comfort, coziness, and a feeling of conviviality (or in other words friendliness). A good description of it is as follows, “a pursuit of happiness, like a big hug without the physical touch”. Check this article out where I got this quote from!

Right now, hygge is the biggest ‘foreign’ trend that many are trying to achieve and weave into their lives. But there are more that you can try.

Why Are People Trying These?

Life is hard. Plain and simple. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of work. But it is finding the balance between those hardships and the good times to get to a decent spot.

Right now, many are feeling at a loss, trying to gain their ground again after the past few years. Knowing something needs to change, but don’t know where to start or what to do. Others have tried many things and just haven’t found what works for them.

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In these stressful and uncertain times, it is important to take care of yourself in all aspects of life. This is where these different lifestyles come in because they bring some joy and comfort into your life where you may be struggling. And it is crucial to have that contentment in your life, so you aren’t miserable all the time. Again, this is where things like hygge come in.

Hygge provides the balance between the good and the bad times. Allowing a person to find peace in the midst of both; almost like bringing you to a middle ground. 

It is important to not always be on a roller coaster in life. To have, in between those ups and downs, some times of content. True comfort and peace. This in turn can actually lead to happier or stressless times. 

This particular practice allows you to be content in the moment and not thinking of the past, future or problems you may be going through. Giving you those moments of utter peace and truly in the moment. 

Hygge and Friendship

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A huge part of hygge is friendships and relationships. This practice focuses most of its efforts on the bond between friends and family. Allowing one to find that comfort while in the presence of others.

Socializing is a natural part of life. Something we must do to stay sane and help ourselves. The Danes believe friends are the place to be, people that you can be in complete comfort and contentment with. Especially in your hygge zone. 

What Is a Hygge Zone?

A hygge zone is a place where you go to practice your hygge. A space of comfort for you and your friends. It is a place that you make completely your own.

Things To Include

Here are just a few ideas of things that you could put into your hygge zone.

Candles are a main element of this space. If you were to ask the Danes what is the number one thing to have for hygge most would say candles. They give a sense of calm with their warm light. Pro tip: try and get unscented ones so you can get the beautiful lights without the over-powerful scents. 

Next, are blankets and pillows. To provide a cozy and comfy place to crawl into you have to include pillows and blankets. We all have had that great feeling of curling up with your favorite blanket, so make sure to try and include that in your hygge zone. 

Comfy clothes ie: pajamas! You are trying to find a place of content and comfort, so sitting in your nice jeans and uncomfortable bra isn’t the best choice. My go to is my pajama type clothes like fuzzy pants and a nice baggy t-shirt. 

Warm cup of tea. You could use whatever hot beverage you want, tea is just a good calming tool if it’s low or free caffeine. It is the warmth inside that the hot drink gives you that we are trying to include in our space.

Lastly, a simple snack. Something that is easy to get or your favorite thing to eat. Just remember to eat mindfully and not overindulge. You are creating a space of contentment and comfort, over eating (or drinking) will most likely cause discomfort, wrecking the purpose of hygge. 

While creating a perfect hygge zone is a splendid idea and worthwhile, just know that it is not a must. Having the things above is great, especially if it helps you, but don’t forget the purpose of hygge; and that is feeling present and surrounded by loved ones. 

The Variety of Hygge

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Practicing hygge can be more than just sitting at home with your friends or in a specific zone. While this is the most practiced form, it definitely isn’t the only one.

There are many forms of hygge. As long as you are finding something that gives you peace, in the moment, that’s all you need. Whatever you decide to do just make sure you are in perfect contentment with life and comfortable. Make sure to involve friends and family in it as well.

Most importantly you have to find something that works for you to find those feelings or lack thereof. 

For more info, details and tips on hygge check out Indigo, Amazon or most other book shops. There are some really great books out there that focus solely on hygge. Some focus strictly on hygge’s concept whereas others provide examples and tips on how to get started yourself.

More Than Just Hygge

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If you are wanting to try something for yourself and your lifestyle, but hygge doesn’t seem like a good fit for you here are some examples.

These are 4 other types of different lifestyles that many are adapting and putting into their day to day lives. 

1. Ikigai (ick-ee-guy)

This concept involves a lot but involves things that are most important in life (at least I find).

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that focuses on finding your true self and your reason for being. It’s about finding your purpose in life, as well as finding a balance and being present. 

This lifestyle is a lot more in depth and heavy hitting than many others. It is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that will lead to a more fulfilled and happier life.

2. Lagom (law-gom)

This is a Swedish technique that is much like hygge. Sweden is known as the happiest country in the world, maybe because they base their lives on lagom. 

Lagom translated means just enough. It is finding a balance between everything in life, from work to fun. There is no concept of perfection or overindulgence; it is strictly a balance. 

Still being able to enjoy the things they do for fun, but knowing what’s more important and drawing the line between the two. For example: spending time in nature with loved ones versus sitting at home all day binge-watching TV.

3. Coorie (caw-ree)

A Scottish technique that closely resembles hygge. It is a concept of finding a place of warmth/coziness. Its literal definition is ‘to snuggle, nestle’. So, find your comfiest clothes, blankets, pillows and best place in your house and just curl up. 

Its purpose is to find a place of escape from the hustle and bustle of life and what it brings you. It is a moment of tranquility that can be on your own or shared with friends and family. 

Many Scots actually have what they call ‘a snug room’ in their home. Where they go to perform this practice and strictly for this.

4. Ubuntu (oo-boon-to)

Ubuntu is a South African concept that targets community and togetherness. It is a way of life that describes and encourages respect and love for others and your community. 

It encompasses many different ideas into one. Things like being open to new ideas and others opinions, and being kinder to yourself, your environment and your society. This helps you build stronger and happier relationships. 

Whatever it is that you are doing or wanting to try, just know that you are great for taking things into your own hands. And making it better for you.

Do you practice hygge? Or any of the other practices I’ve mentioned or not mentioned?

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