Easy and Fun No Heat Lunch Ideas

Separate containers of a packed lunch.

It’s back to school time again and with that comes the lunches, especially ones that don’t need a microwave. Even as an adult who isn’t in school anymore, I find it hard to think of meals to take for lunch. So, I have compiled a small list of some easy, no microwave needed lunches for you and your kiddos. 

This isn’t an extensive list by any means, so if you are looking for some more ideas, check out Pinterest. Here is a link to my board of lunch ideas! 

But, without further ado let’s get into this list:

Classic PB&Js

The easiest lunch out there that kids (and adults, me included) love! It is literally one of the simplest, not having to think about lunch ideas. Now, I know this one can be hard because peanuts are such a common allergy and therefore not allowed in some schools, but you can change it up a bit. You could use almond butter instead or just a jam and butter sandwich. There are options besides just using peanut butter, but still make for a yummy and simple lunch. 


One of the great things about this lunch is how versatile it is. You can literally put anything that you want into a wrap or pita. I usually do some sort of deli meat, spinach, cheese and some ranch. But, it truly depends on what tickles your fancy. You could make it a fruit or veggie one, or a PB&J one. Also, you can get so many different kinds of wraps and pitas themselves, like spinach, whole wheat, cheese and more.

Pitas are essentially wraps, they are just in a pita pit instead of on a tortilla shell. But that is a great way to mix up lunches and try something different.

A pita stuffed with ham, lettuce and cucumber on a simple white plate.


These are pretty much the same as wraps, but had to be mentioned because I mean sandwiches haha. Probably one of the most common lunch ideas out there, but did you know how flexible they can be? Again, the options are endless for what you can put on a sandwich. Make it your own. But, that’s what’s great about them is you can make it whatever you want or whatever your children like. This is great because then it’s something that they’ll actually enjoy and eat for lunch.

To make it even more fun you can do bagel sandwiches instead of traditional bread. Or use cookie cutters and make shapes as a nice surprise for your kids.

Bento Box

To clarify if Bento Box didn’t know, a bento box is a box of individual items divided out into separate compartments. It can be like a snacky lunch or a main course with sides. However, they are great because you can make it completely your own or base it on a theme. By that I mean you can make it vegetarian or cheese platter, and on and on. 

A variety of different types of bento boxes. https://downshiftology.com/bento-box-lunch-ideas/

Bento boxes are also cool because they are something different and different is exciting. Nothing is worse than going for lunch and not actually wanting to eat it because you actually don’t want what you packed. Here are some great ideas for bento boxes. 

Here are some great different and unique options of bento boxes

Meat, Cheese and Crackers

This is also something different that I personally love to have in my lunch. It is really simple to make and pack. And, again it is very adaptable to what you and your kids like. Any type of meat you like; you can even get rolls of meat that fit perfectly on the cracker. Get whatever cheese or crackers you like and there you go. Tip though, don’t put the crackers in a plastic bag because then they will break and it will be sad trying to make a sandwich with a broken cracker! 

Mini Pizzas

An example of an easy mini pizza on a cutting board wrapped in parchment paper.

Yes, technically this one could count as needing a microwave, but you don’t have to, many people eat cold pizza. This is a very fun idea for kids though because they can make it themselves when it comes to lunch time. Or you can make it easy for you and pre-make them. You just need to buy the ingredients, pack said ingredients and that's it. Or like I said you can make them ahead of time, but then they might get soggy. Kids will love this idea because first of all it’s pizza and secondly it’s something that they get to do themselves!


I always forget about these ones, but they are so good! Again, you can put whatever you want into a quesadilla and make it how you like it. They are something that is easy to make and can be eaten hot or cold. Stealing the idea from this sweet blog, you can actually heat them up in the morning and wrap them in tin foil and they should still be warm by lunch. 

Lunch Kabobs

Kabobs are a fun way to spice up your lunch. They are something different that kids will be excited about eating. Added bonus, is you can make a kabob out of pretty much anything. You could do meat and cheese, or fruit and cheese or just fruit for example. Something that you like to eat and will get you excited to eat and enjoy. 

A variety of different types of kabobs. Some with meat or shrimp, with peppers and onions.

Muffins/Baked goods

I love me some baked good and I will eat them all day! But, again this is a great idea for any and all lunches because it is just a grab and go. So easy to pack and easy to eat. And it is something different to eat as well. You could make your own muffins or biscuits, etc. or you can buy them from the store for less hassle, because let’s be real we are all too busy some days. With it being something different kids, are more inclined to eat it also.

Thermos Lunches

This is a great one for no microwave available because it gets boring eating cold lunches all the time. And, it gives you a whole other category of food to pack. Some examples include:

The options are endless. You just heat it up in the morning and throw it into the thermos and it will still be hot by lunch time, no heating up at lunch necessary. 

So there you have it, some easy, no microwave lunches for this back to school season. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest page for more lunch ideas!

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