Changes Coming Your Way

Health, hobbies, lifestyle and mental health are big factors that our lives revolve around. They are things that are important in any person’s life, but the most important thing in a person’s life is themselves. So with that there are some changes coming.

As an individual, you matter. The only constant, for sure thing in a person’s life is themselves. By that I mean, you wake up as you everyday, everynight you go to bed as you, everyday is filled with decisions that you have made. 

Whereas everything else can change because other people are themselves and make their own choices, and things come and go in life. But the one thing that is in every minute of everyday life is yourself. That is why it is crucial for you to take care of you.

So much of my life I have struggled with this. Stretching myself thin for others, taking harsh words to heart, being a people pleaser. Recently, I have hit a point where I couldn’t do it anymore. And this is where I realized the concept above; I am the most important thing in my life.

And so, this is where I am changing things a bit. I want this blog to help and inspire others. I don’t want generic things everyone knows, I want to help people be happy and take care of themselves. As I have, and have come to learn about and do. Because now I feel good due to taking care of myself and I want others to feel this way too. To know they aren’t alone and get help along the way!

So what does that mean?

Essentially, all this means is Small Town Scribble is gonna get a lot more personal. Tailored more towards self love/care, motivation and positive words. 

Small, blank wooden tiles laid out on a purple background with 8 sitting on top that spell out self care.

Don’t get me wrong I will still be talking about health, mental health, lifestyle and hobbies because they are factors that help us be ourselves and be happy. But I will be focusing more on self and motivation. 

Mental health crisis is at an all time high in the world right now, myself included. So, I want to share my knowledge and be someplace for people to find help, wellness and reassurance. 

I guess you could say I found my niche in the blogging world! Especially because it is something that I am very passionate about and practice myself.

Your Importance

Every individual is special and deserving of everything they desire. No matter where you are in life or who you are, you are a person on this planet and so you matter.

So many people struggle to realize this (me too!). Speaking from experience, it is hard to get to this point, the point of I am a true person here to live my life. And in complete honesty my blog isn’t going to solve all the problems, but I am designing it to help. To help you get there and help you feel even a little better or happier.

This is where self care, positivity, gratitude and motivation come in. These are the new topics coming to Small Town Scribble because yes the big factors of life are important, but you as a person matter more.

Things to expect

Everyday I am practicing healthy habits, things that are healthy and beneficial to me, to help me. They have helped me immensely, and I swear by them. So this is where things will start.

Bringing awareness to self love and care and motivation and positivity about oneself. Because these little tasks will change the world for you, they sure have for me. 

There are also many other things in the works with Small Town Scribble, but you’ll see those later. 

Right now, I want to focus on you and me. Treating and taking care of yourself to make for a better life and not just for you, but for others around you.

A light box sitting on a counter with the words make this day great in colouring letters on it.

There will be content about self care tricks to daily affirmations and coping skills. I am really excited to share my knowledge and be there for people who may need it. I hope to one day help somebody through the things I have struggled with.

Additionally, with Small Town Scribble getting more down to the nitty gritty, I will be getting more personal about my struggles. This is to try and help people by realizing they aren’t alone as well as helping me realize that and opening up to help others.

Life is hard and it is important to realize you aren’t alone and can ask for help. I did. You don’t have to go through things alone. And I feel more people need to be aware of how important they really are and things they can do to take care of themselves.

Please share this message and help people all over learn this and learn to take care of themselves first. I hope you enjoy it!

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