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Health is such a common phrase that we hear everyday, but what does it actually mean? And why is it so important? Or even what does being healthy truly involve or look like? 

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Different Ways to Exercise: At Home vs A Gym

Exercising at home has become a very popular way of life these days. In the last couple years we couldn’t exercise anywhere but home, so that became normal practice for many. However, now that things are open again, some (including me) are struggling to decide should I still workout at home or start going to the gym again? 

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Why Exercise?

Everyone says to exercise, but why? And what are the different ways you can exercise? Here I talk about all that and more. Read more.

Easy and Fun No Heat Lunch Ideas

Back to school is in full swing now and with that comes packing lunches. Try out my easy no heat lunches for some ideas for your lunch. Read more.

Undeniably Amazing Essential Oil Combos

Essential oil(s) are great for your health, but did you know you can actually combine different essential oils for even more benefits? Read more.

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