Anxiety: 5 Things To Help Relieve It

Raise your hand if you have or know someone that has anxiety. I bet most of you do. With the world how it is right now, anxiety and mental health problems are skyrocketing. Below is a list of just some of the remedies that can help relieve anxiety. 


First things first, breathe. Breath is such a powerful tool that many people underestimate. Right now take a deep breath, at least 5 seconds inhale, hold for 2, then 5 seconds exhale. Do that a couple times. How do you feel? Does your brain feel tingly, a little lighter, maybe? That means your brain is getting enough oxygen, which is a good thing; it may feel weird at first but it’s a good, positive feeling. Taking deep breaths like this forces your brain to slow down, putting a brake on those stressful thoughts, and allowing you to start to think more rationally. 

Just Breathe-anxiety


Exercise. I know we are always told you need to exercise; it is good for you. While this is true, it is great for your physical health, it is equally as great for your mental health. Exercising releases a chemical in your brain called endorphins. These endorphins are a pain reliever and promote enjoyment, which help lift your mood. Moreover, while you are doing whatever activity you choose (click here for different types of exercise), you are focused on that and not those pesky, negative thoughts. This brings me to my next topic, distractions. 


Distractions can be very key. This is perfect for when you are in that negative mindset and can’t seem to get yourself out. Thinking about something else will help you only think about that and not the bad stuff. Some examples of distractions are as follows:

Hot bath or shower

Have a nice, hot bubble bath or a long, hot shower. I personally prefer having a bath when I am stressed because it’s nice to just sit and soak. It is important to add things that help you relax even more, so when you get out you feel refreshed. Try incorporating your favorite candle scent, add some Epsom salts and/or essential oils into your bath. 

Hot bubble bath with candles, wine and a book- relieve anxiety


Next, journaling. Writing things down can be very helpful. Writing is a way of expression, getting things off your chest if you will. Sometimes people find they have no one to talk to or can’t talk to people, that’s where journaling comes in. It allows you to rant, spiral and complain or even explain the good things, without judgment or interruption. The other nice thing about journaling is how flexible it is person to person, more to come on that in a different post! Many, including me, find that just having somewhere to record what you are feeling is very liberating, allowing you to move on. 

Family and Friends

Spend time with people you enjoy spending time with. This one is very dependent on the person. Some stress more when others are around, others need that contact to relax. Either way, spending time with family or friends is very beneficial when it comes to anxiety. It gives you that feeling of comfort to be around loved ones. And who knows you may incorporate some other tips that help relieve your anxiety, like exercise or distractions, while you are spending time with them. 

Family and Friends gather here

Anxiety is a big problem nowadays, and it isn’t something to take lightly. The remedies above are just the start of how you can help yourself and ease your mind. Let me know below what you do that helps you relax and ease some of that stress.

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