A Blissful Inexpensive Evening of Pampering

Bath bombs, a nice purple throw and candles to pampering  yourself.

Sometimes we are so in our heads and just rushing around that we forget to take care of ourselves. That’s when we start to struggle and stress. This is when you need to stop and take an evening of pampering, which could be a multitude of things, such as going to dinner and a movie or buying a new game console, etc. However, here I am going to talk about a simple, inexpensive pampering evening at home. 

Now ‘pampering yourself’ could be absolutely anything that makes you feel special as well as relaxed; as long as it makes you feel like that. If your way of treating yourself causes you stress or discomfort, it’s not helping make you feel better. It’s doing the exact opposite and we don’t want that. That’s why I compiled this list of things I like to do at home to make myself feel special.

If you struggle with stress and anxiety, these things on this list will help 100%, but I do have an article talking about how to relieve anxiety.

I am going to add a disclaimer here as this list is strictly what I do at home to treat myself. These are my opinions as are most things on this blog. However, I still want to share because I’m willing to bet that most of you do the same things or will enjoy trying them if you haven’t done them!

Hot, Steamy Bath

I love my baths! They help me relax and completely let go of everything that’s on my mind. Now you can’t just have a tub with hot water, oh no, on a pampering night you need to dress it up. I’m talking bubbles, Epsom salts, candles and even a glass of your favourite beverage. I also like to read or listen to music or an audiobook while I’m sitting there soaking in the good stuff. Some even add essential oils to their bath for added benefits and smells. You add whatever you want to add to your bath experience, as this article is about you treating yourself! 

And that is the same for most things on this list. Add whatever you want to any of the things on this list. You can make it as special or inexpensive as you want!

Foot Scrub

We can all agree that foot massages are so great and if you’ve had a pedicure before I’m sure you know how great your feet feel after. So why not do it yourself? Now, you can do this in many ways. You can do it while having your bath, you can sit on the edge of the tub and soak just your feet or if you have a foot bath you can use that. There are many options. And you can also use whatever you like in it, like Epsom salts or oils and scrub your feet with a puma stone or a foot scrubber. There are so many options for this one.

Freshly painted toenails, soaking in a bubble bath

And bonus, if you don’t like touching your own feet and have a little extra cash you can go get a pedicure. This also ties into my next topic, painting your nails.

Paint Your Nails

Speaking of pedicures, why not give yourself one at home? Now I can’t paint my fingernails because of my job, but I always have nail polish on my toes. For some reason it just makes me feel so much better. Yes, for this one, you will need to buy nail polish and it can be expensive, but they do range in prices with the brands and can be not too bad. I also will smooth out my nails, file them down and use a clear nail strengthener polish on my fingers. But, painting your nails can be so fun and a great, creative stress reliever.

Different colours of nail polish

Face Mask

I love face masks! Whenever I use a face mask I really feel like it’s a spa day and I am pampering myself. There are so many different kinds, smells and specialties of face masks making it very versatile for everyone. No matter what type of skin you have, you will find a face mask that works for you. Personally, I love using Origins face masks. I find they work really well for me and make my skin feel and look so good. But, that doesn’t mean I only use theirs. You can use many types and brands of face masks. And most of the time face masks are fairly cheap.

None Body Care

Now that your body is taken care of and nice and relaxed. Let’s talk about other things you can do to pamper yourself:

Food and Drink

You have to eat right! Have your favorite food or treat yourself to something you don’t normally have but really like. Try and make it special. Whether that is something you don’t get because it’s across town or it’s fattening, but something outside of the norm. Because you do have to eat, so why not treat yourself and make it special. For me, I like to  order delivery from a nicer restaurant that I enjoy, one that I haven’t been to in a while.


I like to watch tv or a movie while I eat or paint my nails. Or maybe read in the bathtub or soaking your feet. It gives you something to do, which helps with the stress relief by keeping your mind busy, but a relaxing busy. Try and make it a new movie or one you’ve been wanting to watch or start a new TV show. Again, something special and that is relaxing to you. You could even do other hobbies too like playing games, or video games or crochet for example.

A Good Nights Sleep

Goodnight message on notes on a phone.

After all that pampering you are bound to feel relaxed, which makes you feel tired. Sometimes I get to a point where I can’t keep my eyes open, and I’m like why am I so tired. Those are signs that you’re feeling better and less stressed. Give in to that tiredness, you are obviously feeling tired because you need it. And when you wake up the next morning you will feel so recharged and reset. 

So that is my list of a night of pampering myself. I try to do this at the very least once every couple weeks to give myself that reset. Every week I try to do a couple of things off this list just to give me a little boost. But remember it is very important to take care of yourself and it is okay to take a night to yourself to do it.

What do you do to treat or pamper yourself?

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